A baby photoshoot helps you to capture and preserve the most precious moments, especially at the beginning.

No moment is more precious than the very first one. While you may be looking forward to your newborn baby’s first few steps or for the moment they learn how to call you Mama or Papa, what about the first moment you meet them after they come into the world?

There’s something precious and sacred about your child’s time as a newborn, and it is quite a fleeting moment, if you think about it. Before you know what’s happening, your newborn will have blossomed into a quirky infant or adorable toddler, and then they’re suddenly off to school.

Don’t let it slip through your fingers before you can even blink. Capture your baby’s first moments in the world and when they’re at their most pure with our baby photoshoot. You’ll look back on the newborn photos with fondness and know that it was worth preserving.

Some of our Newborn Photoshoot Work

How we execute an infant photoshoot

We understand all the parents’ concern when it comes to a photography shoot with your baby. That’s why at Babygraphy, we are focused on providing you the best service.


Your newborn’s smile is unlike any other. Make it last forever - along with their first year of innocence and purity.


Watch your inquisitive and adorable toddler engage with their world and yours. Capture his first steps - and many more firsts that will follow.


Let your child stand on their own two feet. Preserve your funniest, most precious memories with your bundle of joy as they grow.

Baby Photoshoot Pricing

Dedicated to your little precious one, we have a couple of comprehensive packages for your selection.


Up to 120mins per Session

All Photos Returned

20 Fully Edited Pictures

Soft Copies in Thumbdrive



Up to 120mins per Session

All Photos Returned

20 Fully Edited Pictures per Session

Album with 24 4R Photos

Soft Copies in Thumbdrive



Up to 120mins per Session

All Photos Returned

20 Fully Edited Pictures per Session

Album with 48 4R Photos

Soft Copies in Thumbdrive



Up to 120mins per Session

All Photos Returned

20 Fully Edited Pictures per Session

Album with 108 4R Photos

Soft Copies in Thumbdrive


Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 different packages available, 3, 6 and 13 sessions.
13 Sessions is pretty straightforward, starting from newborn, then subsequent once a month till he/she is 1 year old.
6 sessions and 3 sessions varies, as long you use it within a year of the first shoot, that is fine.

Our 13 Sessions is dedicated to ladies currently in labour.
The first newborn session will commence within 2 weeks upon delivery, then once every subsequent month.
The package helps to document the growth of the baby over a year and you get a photo frame with a compilation of the whole year!

Yes. We accept cash, bank transfer or Paynow.

Yes. Upon payment, there will be a 1-year validity of the sessions.
If let’s say you purchase the 3-sessions package in Dec 2019, you just have to use it by Dec 2020.
As for when will be a good time to use, it’s all up to you.
Our recommendation is that, spread it out so you can see the significant growth of the baby.

Yes, you can, but travelling is considered part of the 2hours session.
So we don’t really recommend moving around in a car, but rather choose a big area like a garden or beach so we can walk around.

Your home, studio or even outdoors!
For this, we will have to go through a discussion to see which work best for the baby.

Yes, of course you can. We favour places with interesting backdrops and abundant natural light like a garden or by the beach.

The sessions can be used for birthday celebrations or baby shower.

Of course you can. Usually the photos consist mainly of 85% baby and 15% with parents.

Yes. Family shooting is more of a casual fun day with you and your kids.
You can have a zoo day out and we will just be around you to take natural photos while having fun.

The 3 sessions is highly favoured among our clients.

Yes! Be it at your home or at studio, we do have props for your child.
Of course, if you wish to buy additional props like bubbles and such, we can utilize it during the shoot! ^^

Yes! We do have some clothes for your baby to dress up, but we do recommend to use some of your own clothes as well.

We will give you all the unedited photos so you can keep it, we wouldn’t want to waste those!
If you need additional editing, then there will be additional charges.

They only grow up once. Don’t miss it.

Dedicated just for the baby, a welcoming newborn photoshoot for the latest family member. Smiles are guaranteed and memories are forever.

See what our clients say about us

Jaden is able to catch both my sons attention and show patience, able to capture some precious moments and their expressions

Bernard Tan

Jaden is very patience with our baby and he manage to help us capture a very sweet photo for our baby. We are very happy with the photos and also the service from Jaden. Highly Recommended!

Winson Yeung

Jaden is a very friendly and accommodating photographer. The photoshoot session is a pleasurable experience. Thanks!

Grace Chua

Jaden is a passionate photographer who is quick at adapting to any changes during the shoot with the baby. He is also good at creating a fun atmosphere for the baby to feel relaxed. It was a great experience shooting with him!

Alice Do

Jaden is really patient with kids and you can see how he treats baby. Great at playing and handling my child!

Felicia Koo

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