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There are 3 different packages available, 3, 6 and 13 sessions.
13 Sessions is pretty straightforward, starting from newborn, then subsequent once a month till he/she is 1 year old.
6 sessions and 3 sessions varies, as long you use it within a year of the first shoot, that is fine.

Our 13 Sessions is dedicated to ladies currently in labor.
The first shoot will commence within 2 weeks upon delivery, then once every subsequent month.
The package helps to document the growth of the baby over a year and you get a photo frame with a compilation of the whole year!

Yes. We do accept cash or bank transfer.

Yes. Upon payment, there will be a 1-year validity of the sessions.
If let’s say you purchase the 3-sessions package in Dec2019, you just have to use it by Dec2020.
As for when will be a good time to use, it’s all up to you.
Our recommendation is that, spread it out so you can see the significant growth of the baby.

Yes, you can, but travelling is considered part of the 2hours session.
So we don’t really recommend moving around in a car, but rather choose a big area like a garden or beach so we can walk around.

Your home, studio or even outdoors!
For this, we will have to go through a discussion to see which work best for the baby.

The sessions can be used for Birthday celebrations or baby shower.

Of course you can. Usually the photos consist mainly of 85% Baby and 15% with parents.

Yes. Family shooting is more of a casual fun day with you and your kids.
You can have a zoo day out and I will just be around you to take natural photos while having fun.

The 3 sessions is highly favored among our clients.

Yes! Be it at your home or at studio, we do have props for your child.
Of course, if you wish to buy additional props like bubbles and such, we can utilize it during the shoot! ^^

Yes! we do have some clothes for your baby to dress up, but we do recommend to use some of your own clothes as well.

We will give you all the unedited photos so you can keep it, we wouldn’t want to waste those!
If you need additional editing, then there will be additional charges.

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