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You might be thinking, my newborn is way too young to even remember anything we do with him or her – so maybe we will just have to wait a few more years before trying to make memories with them. But did you know that even from a young infancy stage, newborns are still able to process whatever is happening around them? They’re constantly going from one developmental stage to another, whether it’s about fine motor skills or language; starting activities with them as early as possible, then, may actually be more beneficial than inane!

So instead of staying at home and nursing your little baby, maybe it’s time to make some exciting weekend plans and start having some fun – and sometimes, without having to pay a single cent at all.

Things to Do With Your Newborn

There are a multitude of activities and programmes out there that allow young parents to get the habit going, of bringing their children out for fulfilling weekends after a long work week.

Here are some interesting programmes parents can take advantage of, ranging from the mindlessly fun to educational:

  1. Go to the library

NLB has free reading programmes that can definitely kickstart your child’s learning journey and ignite in them a love for reading books. If you’re hoping to get some other benefits out of spending a weekend out, apart from just having plain fun, then exposing your child to the joys of reading can be a good idea.

  1. Children’s art spaces

To push the boundaries of your child’s creativity and to keep them constantly inspired and bold enough to try new ideas, consider taking your kids out to public art spaces where they can unleash their wildest ideas. Join in the fun, too, and maybe you might end up raising a young Picasso.

  1. Other play spaces

Get your kids and newborns moving! Play spaces are aplenty out there for you to choose from. If you like the idea of raising a kid who wants to be fit and healthy, getting them moving and having fun at the same time from a young age will be a great start to any fitness journey (which, we believe, is lifelong).

  1. The best of both worlds: edutainment spaces

Learning and having fun don’t have to be exclusive from one another. Sometimes they join hands and deliver the best experience a young child can experience, from educational skits and plays, to – like we mentioned above – reading programmes that entertain and enchant them.

  1. Music groups

For the virtuoso family, musical groups are out there that will give your child a lot to be busy with, from learning about music to simply enjoying it, and to learning the art of performance from a young age. It’s not exactly like signing up for piano lessons, but could be a genuine treat for playful, expressive young ones.

  1. Interactive exhibitions

For something a little more passive yet equally entertaining, interactive exhibitions are another idea to consider. Much like the interactive Pokedex wall at the Pokemon Centre in Jewel, interactive exhibitions can really capture your child’s attention – and teach them something memorable in the process.

With so many options to choose from, what are you waiting for? Whether your child is still just an infant or a toddler learning to take her first steps, there’s plenty of opportunity to enrich your child’s life – and to make some amazing memories in the process. Let’s get going!

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